Saturday, May 12, 2012

Summer Vacations

After 10 continuous months of school

It is hot but also cool

Sit at home & nicely rest

Do the things that are the best

Play sports outside the house

While our mothers sit at home & drowse

In the night go to a restaurant and eat

Go to a theatre & get a wonderful seat

In ten months, summer vacation comes once

Enjoy a lot because you won’t get tons

Do the things you always desired

Meet the people you’ve always admired


With houses lit up

With beautiful Christmas trees

Comes the smell of gingerbread & cake

In the chilly cold breeze

Rhythmic Christmas carols are sung

In the church where you can hear the jingling of bells

Santa Claus comes home & gives gifts

Not to disappoint the children, the mother tells

When yummy goodies are exchanged

When faces are lit up with joy

The time of beauty arrives

Everyone is happy as children play with toys

Children throw snowballs at each other

And make a real snowman

Skiing on the crystal white snow

Is something of which I am a fan

It’s my favorite festival Christmas

It takes me in my comfort zone

Celebrated on the 25th December

On which day I don’t feel alone

- 14/1/2012


With scary faces at your doorstep

The lot of scariness greets

With scary & sweet voices

They say “trick or treat”

Give them chocolates or get tricked

Or get an egg thrown on your face

Get scared by spiders & pumpkins

So give them goodies to slow down their pace

With bags full of chocolates & candies

The children leave the houses with delight

Eating the chocolates joyfully

With cavities nowhere in sight

It’s Halloween that brings such joy

Oh, how I love it!

It’s a marvelous & tremendous festival

As children’s faces are lit up.


When you look up in the dark night sky

There are small things which clearly you can’t see

They shine like diamonds shine

And absolutely beautiful to me

They surround the snow, white moon

Shapes can be formed by many

They are called constellations

And I don’t know the name of any

They twinkle so beautifully

Complicated astronomy they are related too

They are scattered around the beautiful sky

And I hope you like it too

They are the stars so pretty

I could sleep on a roof watching stars

And just lay back down there

They look beautiful around Mars

The Power of Many

For a forest to be formed

You need many trees

To form a great team

You need the best people to win it with ease

One tree doesn’t make a forest

One person doesn’t make a team

For one you need many

Only then comes the gleam

With many comes power

And weakness is with one

With one you’ll have a bad time

With many you can have fun


Creeping & crawling and making noises

They are afraid of the dark at night

Before it turns dark, they come into houses

They are super tiny & like the light

Some are dull in color & many we murder

When you are sleeping, they buzz in your ear

They are harmless but also irritate

And we are who they fear

They come in several types

They are more than billions over the world

They come in dull colors

None of them are curled

They obviously are the irritating insects

Oh, how I want them to get out

And stop interfering in our world

And I hate them, no doubt

Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Grandparents love me!

The second my life did start
My grandparents loved me from the heart
Even from me they are close or far
They treat me like a star

They will always be remembered by me
In my heart, they will always be
All the times they help me a lot
They also calm me down when I have fought

They teach me whatever I want to know
They told treat nobody like a foe
They give me lots of yummy things to eat
They are not even strict & don’t even beat

Parents scold us but grandparents don’t
For their life they won’t
In their house everyone wants to stay
My grandparents mean everything to me in every way.